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AF-Series compared to Fluorspar

Fluorspar / Fluorite (CaF2

A typical metallurgical fluorspar/fluorite is a mineral that is composed of mainly ~65-87% CaF2 that usually melts at 1418oC, and the remaining is mostly ~10-20% SiO2 (melts at 1713oC) and ~5-20 % CaCO3 (melts at 1339oC). CaF2, is considered to be an important fluxing component in the ladle refining, as it has a much higher fluxing potential than Al2O3 (with a melting point: 2072oC) and SiO2 (with a melting point: 1713oC) to increase the solubility of basic components like CaO and MgO in the slag. Fluxing is required to increase the solubility and perform an efficient.  Fluorspar/fluorite is traditionally used as a flux to increase the solubility of lime for desulfurization.

What are AF-Series for:

  • AF-Series are effective, fast and cost efficient innovative slag conditioners which are better replacement alternatives to the traditionally used metallurgical fluorspar.
  • AF-Series product range bring clear Savings and Benefits.
  • AF-series product range provide cost efficient and operationally effective solutions for better and faster desulfurization processes.


Why AF-Series products are better than Metallurgical Fluorspar ? :

  • AF-Series product range are unique combinations of several fluorine compounds that are chemically engineered with alumina (Al2O3). They are special formulations developed through considering the requests and the feedbacks of the steel industry.
  • Their special formulation not only makes them more performant fluxes than fluorspar but also perform better desulfurization solutions with less material consumption. 
  • They also increase the refractory life by decreasing the time needed for desulfurization processes
  • You only need to use less amount of AF-series products, instead of your regular fluorspar usage. Negative environmental impact is also reduced accordingly due to less material usage.
  • AF-series products with a lower melting point, help to form properly basic creamy fluid slags at lower temperatures than fluorspar
  • AF-series products are not mineral like fluorspar. They only have less than 1-2% SiO2 content.


Application of AF-series products are exactly the same as you currently use fluorspar.

You simply consume less material.