AF-3-S is an innovative and a top performant slag conditioner from AF Chemicals with a comparatively premium benefit to cost ratio up to 40% compared to metallurgical fluorspar.  AF-3-S is a top performant slag conditioner specially developed for stainless steel. Thanks to its special combination of several fluorine compounds that are chemically engineered with alumina, AF-3-S provides a cost efficient, faster and a top premium desulfurization solution to form a properly basic creamy fluid slag at lower temperatures.

Benefits and Savings

  • Efficiency: Application of AF-3-S is exactly the same as you currently use fluorspar. You simply consume less material.
  • Supply stability: Having several sites all over the world AF Chemicals guarantees a flexible supply with a cost-effective solution.
  • Price advantage: AF-3-S has a stable price advantage compared to fluorspar.
  • Increased refractory life with a faster desulfurization: With a much lower silica content and decreasing the time needed for desulfurization, AF-3-S increases your refractory life.
  • Better slag, faster desulfurization and a cleaner steel:  The fluidity of the slag is increased through a faster and a more performant processes at lower temperatures.

 Grain size

AF-3-S is supplied in standard grain size of 5 - 20mm.
Grain size can also be adjusted according to your requirements.


AF-3-S comes in standard 1-1.5 MT Big Bags (supersacks).
Further packaging can be made according to your requirements.

At AF Chemicals, we are glad to accompany our customers in introducing our products. We are proud to serve with our long lasting technological expertise to be a competent partner on your side for your desulfurization needs. Our experts will be glad to recommend the best solution for your desulfurization requests based on our ideal product alternative.