AF-7-F is an innovative and the essential slag conditioner from AF Chemicals with a comparatively better benefit to cost ratio up to 20% compared to metallurgical fluorspar. Thanks to its special combination of several fluorine compounds that are chemically engineered with alumina, AF-7-F is a comparatively better slag conditioner. AF-7-F provides a cost efficient, faster and a comparatively better desulfurization solution to form a properly basic creamy fluid slag at lower temperatures.

Benefits and Savings

  • Efficiency: Application of AF-7-F is exactly the same as you currently use fluorspar. You simply consume less material.
  • Supply stability: Having several sites all over the world AF Chemicals guarantees a flexible supply with a cost-effective solution.
  • Price advantage: AF-7-F has a stable price advantage compared to fluorspar.
  • Increased refractory life with a faster desulfurization: With a much lower silica content and decreasing the time needed for desulfurization, AF-7-F increases your refractory life.
  • Better slag, faster desulfurization and a cleaner steel:  The fluidity of the slag is increased through a faster and a more performant processes at lower temperatures.

 Grain size

AF-7-F is supplied in standard grain sizes of 0 - 1mm and 1 - 5mm.


AF-7-F comes in standard 20kg, 25 kg and 50kg multilayer paper or polypropylene bags and/or in 1 -1.5 MT Big Bags.

At AF Chemicals, we are glad to accompany our customers in introducing our products. We are proud to serve with our long lasting technological expertise to be a competent partner on your side for your desulfurization needs. Our experts will be glad to recommend the best solution for your desulfurization requests based on our ideal product alternative.