About us

We are a globally operating Swiss company. Our headquarters is in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. We are specialized in Effective Desulfurization Solutions to the Steel Industry through our innovative range of products. The specialists at AF Chemicals have extensive experience in steel desulfurization and our cooperation with outstanding universities as well as internal research agencies ensure the highest product quality, standards and continuous developments in our products.

Our Operations
To serve our customers in the most effective way, AF Chemicals has its own production, refining and processing facilities in Europe, Africa, India and China. We are currently active in more than 30 countries and we are continuously enlarging our operations into new regions. We serve with a great flexibility in every market that we operate, and adapt to different business needs and requirements through our cost-effective solutions and our logistical advantages.

Our Product Range
We serve through our innovative AF-Series range of slag conditioners, which are fluorine based compounds chemically engineered with alumina. Our AF-Series range of products have clear savings and benefits over the alternative traditional metallurgical fluorspar (calcium fluoride). The perfect combination of AF-Series makes them more performant fluxes than metallurgical fluorspar. You simply need to use less material.

At AF Chemicals, we are proud to serve with our long lasting technological expertise to be a competent partner on your side for your desulfurization needs. Our experts will be glad to recommend the best solution for your desulfurization requests based on our ideal flux alternative.